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What problems should be paid attention to in a clean room food workshop?

A clean room required good tightness, no air leakage, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, no pollution, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance.

What is the difference between clean room sandwich panel and common sandwich panel?

The clean room panel has better quality than the ordinary rock wool panel, good appearance flatness, and thick internal filler.

What is the advantage of clean room sandwich panel?

clean room panel widely used in electronics and food In the field of purification engineering of high demand environment, such as clean room for scientific research of materials, medical treatment, biopharmaceutical, aerospace and instruments, etc.

How to inspect a clean room?

The construction of clean room project is a kind of complex project, because the construction quality of cleanroom project directly determines the purification degree and cleanliness in the workshop.

What to be paid attention to in the installation of clean room insulated panel?

no matter what kind of products, in order to be able to better use, the device is still indispensable. Even for the clean room panel, attention should be paid in the process of the device.

What are the differences between machined type sandwich panel and handmade sandwich panel?

With the rapid development of industry and construction industry, the demand for sandwich panel is also increasing rapidly.

How to design a clean room food workshop?

The presentation of clean room workshop in food factory effectively ensures the quality and safety of food.

What is the key point for a clean room electronic factory?

All the friends who work in the electronic factory know that the electronic factory workshop is generally a clean room project. Such an environment can satisfy the high-quality production requirements of some electronic equipment.