What is Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Panel ?

MAY. 19, 2020

Paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a real green environmental protection product, 100% of the waste recycling. The products have been inspected by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center to meet the requirements of fire-resistant materials (according to GB8624-1997, the products are classified as fire-resistant grade). The utility model has the advantages of good flame-retardant performance, anti-static, no dust, good overall rigidity, etc. In case of fire, no toxic substances will be produced, and the waste can be recycled. It is the replacement product of polyurethane, rock wool and other materials.


Product specification of paper honeycomb sandwich panel


1. The diameter of honeycomb plate is generally 8mm, 16mm and 32mm, and the weight of paper honeycomb plate is 280g / m2;


2. Paper honeycomb panel can be used to make all kinds of pallets, packaging boards, packaging boxes, etc.


Characteristics of paper honeycomb sandwich panel


1. High flatness of plate;


2. Convenient and fast installation;


3. The plate is light in weight and high in strength;


4. It can realize the plate with large surface;


5. Honeycomb core material is helpful to the heat preservation effect of space;


6. Rich color and surface treatment available;


7. High quality materials and advanced processing technology ensure the durability of honeycomb panel.


Application scope of paper honeycomb sandwich panel: workshop, office cabinet wall, external wall maintenance of steel structure room, decorative building materials, mobile room office building, etc


Fire rating: b1-b3 (flame retardant; melting)


Moisture absorption rate: 3.9%.