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Clean Room Food Factory

What problems should be paid attention to in a clean room food factory?

In the air conditioning system of clean room food workshop, the demand for air duct is to supply air economically and effectively. The former demand is reflected in low price, convenient construction, working cost and small resistance to internal and external lubrication. The latter refers to good tightness, no air leakage, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, no pollution, fire resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. In the work, sometimes the resistance of some pipe fittings is much higher than that of the air duct, which needs to be improved.


  • Energy saving in air conditioning purification


Air conditioning purification is a big energy consumption. Energy saving methods should be paid attention to in the planning and construction of clean room workshop in food factory. In the planning, the difference between the system and the area, the calculation of the air supply volume, the determination of the temperature and the relative temperature, the determination of the cleanliness level and the number of air changes, the fresh air ratio, the heat preservation of the air duct, the influence of the bite method in the manufacture of the air duct on the air leakage rate, the influence of the connection angle of the main pipe and the branch pipe on the air flow resistance, whether the flange connection is air leakage or not, and the selection of the air conditioning box, fan, water chiller and other equipment All of them are related to energy consumption, so the clean room workshop of food factory needs to take these details into account.


  • Multi machine chiller is more sensitive


If the water chiller in the clean room food workshop needs a large amount of cooling capacity, it is not suitable to select a single machine, it is suitable to select a multi mechanism, the motor is suitable to use frequency control, and the starting power is reduced below. Multiple machines can be used sensitively, so as not to present the power waste.


  • The air conditioner room should be around the clean room


The orientation of the air conditioning room should be around the clean room, which can not only save energy, but also help to settle the air duct, and make the air distribution more reasonable. Together, it can save the construction cost of the clean room workshop in the food factory.


  • Telephone and fire equipment


The clean room plant is equipped with telephone and intercom telephone, which can reduce people's walking in the clean area, reduce the amount of dust generation, and contact with the outside in case of fire, and create conditions for normal operation contact. In addition, the clean room workshop of the food factory should also be equipped with a fire alarm system to prevent the fire from being easily found outside and causing severe economic losses.

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