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Clean Room Installation

What to be paid attention to in the installation of clean room insulated panel?

Clean room insulated panel belongs to a more used product now, because it has a very good application, so we pay attention to it. Clean room insulated panel itself is still very good, performance is superior, so we like it. But in order to better ensure the use, we need to pay attention to the device for clean room insulated panel, so let's understand it together.


1. Secondary layout drawing, this is an important step for the prefabrication and installation of clean room wall. It is to transform the design drawings into the central transformation drawings that can be processed for the second time in the factory, make the standard steel sheet into different types of wall panels, and combine them to show the design intent. It is also to produce the standard insulated panels in the China sandwich panel factory, and assemble them on the construction site, which can ensure the firmness of the clean room wall panels and accelerate the installation of clean room insulation panels Speed.


2. Installation of clean room ceiling: the component support of the ceiling board is T-shaped aluminum which is fixed on the surrounding vertical wall panels and suspended in the center. The long side joints are fixed and reinforced by fixing plug-ins, and the short side is fixed by T-shaped aluminum and connecting plate pop rivets.


In fact, no matter what kind of products, in order to be able to better use, the device is still indispensable. Even for the clean room panel, attention should be paid in the process of the device.

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