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Clean Room Sandwich Panel Installation

What to be paid attention to in the installation of clean room insulated panel?

Clean room sandwich panel is a popular product now, because of its various application. Clean room sandwich panel has good quality and superior performance. In order to make sure the good use of the sandwich panels, we need to pay attention to the correct installation for it. 


1. Secondary layout drawing, this is an important step for the prefabrication and installation of clean room sandwich panel. It is to transform the design drawings into a drawings that can be understand and produce in the factory, specify the detail requirement and measure of each piece of sandwich panel, this is a important step for clean room panels to be produced in China sandwich panel factory, and it can be easily assembled on the construction site in accordance with the drawing, to ensure the firmness of the clean room wall panels and accelerate the installation speed of clean room panels.


2. Same as clean room wall, clean room ceiling is also modular produced and installed. The the ceiling panel is usually supported by T-shaped aluminum which is fixed on the surrounding vertical wall panels and suspended in the center. 

sandwich panel
clean room door
clean room window
clean room alum.
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