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Clean Room Testing

How to inspect a clean room?

The construction of clean room project is a kind of complex project, because the construction quality of cleanroom project directly determines the purification degree and cleanliness in the workshop, so the requirements of the country and the construction industry for purification project are very strict. And the purification project is a systematic project, in which the detailed operation and requirements of any step will affect the air cleanliness.


In many professions, clean room has necessary effects, such as medicine, biotechnology, production of fine electronic equipment, food, cosmetics and so on. With the steady and common development of all professions, we should also be more and more standardized. The emergence of purification workshop is a form of professional standardization. Today, here will introduce the follow-up testing method of clean room project for us.


1. Confirm whether the main power switch can be used normally.


2. Regularly check whether the emergency switch is open.


3. The power supply of air supply switch must be opened first.


4. Open electrostatic precipitator switch and exhaust switch.


5. When the system is closed, the exhaust system must be closed before the air supply system is closed, otherwise the negative pressure of the clean room workshop will affect the environment of the dust-free workshop.


Through the above testing process of the clean room project, we believe you will have a certain understanding of it. The intention of the purification workshop project is to purify the air and optimize the production environment. We hope that we will strictly abide by the relevant regulations when using.

clean room testing
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