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What is inorganic precoated clean room panel ?

Inorganic precoated handmade sandwich panel, also known as clean room panel, its skin is made of 100% asbestos free calcium silicate board as substrate and core insulation material between.

7 Questions About rock wool panel

what are the advantages of rock wool in building heat preservation and fire prevention? What problems should be paid attention to in building heat preservation and fire prevention?

Construction points and precautions of polyurethane roof panel and wall panel

the construction of polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof insulation shall be included in the overall construction organization design of the construction project.

Comparison of top coat for  clean room panel

The color steel sheets are classified as PE polyester color sheet, PVDF fluorocarbon color sheet, HDP high weather resistant polyester color sheet (also called high performance polyester color sheet) and SMP silicon modified color sheet according to their finish coating.

How to prevent the roofing from leakage?

The roofing panel shall be flat and firm, arranged neatly and straightly, overlapped reasonably, with tight joints and no incomplete tiles.