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How to control relative humidity in clean room?

Since entering the era of modern engineering design, due to the benefits of good environment to human body and products, people pay more and more attention to the control of environment in factories, offices and families. There are three basic environmental control methods:


1. Air quality, cleanliness and purity.


2. Temperature.


3. Relative humidity.


Among the three factors mentioned above, the level of relative humidity is easy to be ignored, probably because people are more sensitive to the effect of changes in temperature and air quality than the effect of changes in relative humidity.


The natural environmental humidity of industrial production is an important factor affecting the air environment quality. Many industrial products can only be produced under the specified humidity. At the same time, suitable relative humidity plays a decisive role in improving product quality, reducing waste rate, anti-static, eliminating dust, purifying air and improving environment. In order to ensure the quality of products, users must strictly control the temperature and humidity of the production plant, especially the humidity. Dry air will also cause dust flying in the air. Generally speaking, the temperature of the clean room plant is controlled at about 22 ℃ and the relative humidity is controlled between 55-60% RH. In this environment, people feel comfortable and the static electricity disappears. Therefore, clean room humidification is an inevitable requirement of environmental control.

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