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Clean Room Wall and Ceiling

How to control the humidification for a clean room workshop?

Clean room purification engineering is a kind of engineering to control the cleanliness, temperature and humidity of products and atmospheric touch. Its main function is to satisfy the production requirements and ensure the quality of production. And with the improvement of our quality level, many of our professions are using clean room workshop.


But what else should we pay attention to when we use clean room workshop to humidify?


1. Humidification of air conditioning is a technique we often use in purification. The main method is to use water drenching, wet film and high-pressure ultrasound to humidify mechanical energy.


2. And we need to increase the humidity of the clean room with microorganism as the control object, so that the microorganism can reproduce, and we can choose the method of dry steam humidification.


3. In addition, when humidifying, we need to pay attention to the problem of air flow with water inside the air conditioner. If this problem is not handled properly, its structure will cause the carrying of the filter to be wet.


These are the problems we need to pay attention to when humidifying in the purification project, and with the progress of our science and technology, I believe there will be more ways to help us carry out the construction of clean room project.

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