Dec.25th, 2018

Polyurethane color steel sandwich panel is a kind of composite panel of color steel sandwich panels. It consists of two-sided color steel profiled panels and rigid polyurethane foamed automatically in the middle. It can be widely used in the exterior walls and roofs of various buildings. It is recognized as the best heat insulation material in the world today. It can be used in the roofs and walls of large industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, purification workshops and other buildings, especially used in cold storage field.

Because of the thermal insulation, heat insulation, weighing, waterproof, in addition, the wall thickness of polyurethane sheet is much lower than that of traditional building wall, its thermal insulation performance is a multiple of the latter, so polyurethane composite panel has been widely used in cold room storage.

Today we will suggest another types of panel can be used for cold storage rooms, that is EPS sandwich panel, with the right thickness, density, and the seamless connection, the EPS sandwich panel can be used for cold room projects, keeping the minus 18℃ inside, but with much lower cost.