Nov.1st, 2018

The application of color steel sandwich panels is the most widely used in the construction of temporary houses, composite houses, clean rooms, etc. It is due to the characteristics of its easy installation and strong performance of color steel sandwich panels. What is the development trend of color steel sheet? Let me introduce you here.

1. With high quality substrates, the surface, shape and dimension accuracy of the substrates are getting higher and higher. Outdoor use such as small galvanized flat hot galvanized coil, non-galvanized flat hot galvanized coil and galvanized alloy hot galvanized coil, indoor use such as galvanized steel coil, coated cold rolled sheet and aluminum coil.

2. Improving the pretreatment process and pretreatment fluid, less quantity equipment and low cost has become the mainstream process, and the stability of the pretreatment fluid, corrosion resistance, environmental protection performance are constantly improve

3. Pay attention to the development of new coatings, improve the general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol, obtain super color reproduction, ultraviolet resistance, sulfur dioxide resistance, improve corrosion resistance, develop pollution resistance, heat absorption and other functional coatings.

4. The equipment of the unit is more perfect, such as new welding machine, new roll coating machine, curing furnace and advanced automation instrument.

5. Because cold embossing is cheaper than hot embossing, it has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stereoscopic feeling and high strength, so cold embossing technology has become a trend.