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What are the differences between machined made sandwich panel and handmade sandwich panel?

With the rapid development of industry and construction industry, the demand for sandwich panel is also increasing rapidly. As an important building material in the construction industry, sandwich panel is an organic coating plate. With the progress of science and technology, China's environmental protection requirements are more and more strict, and the application of sandwich panel is more and more extensive.


There are many application fields of sandwich panel , which can ensure that the environment will not absorb and emit all kinds of bacteria, and will not form the pollution situation of products and production workshops. Various industries select according to their own application needs and the characteristics of each purification plate. Clean room sandwich panel is used as a more plate product, Steel materials are selected to make the overall stability and service life of the sandwich panel. Do you know the difference between the machined type sandwich panel and the handmade type sandwich panel?


Product planning: the primary machined type sandwich panel belongs to the mechanism purification panel, and the conventional mold will be selected in the production process, so that the sandwich panel shape tends to be more standardized, but on the contrary, the selection of handmade sandwich panel is more extensive, which can be customized according to the customer's needs, to meet the customer's requirements on the thickness, width, panel shape and other parameters of the panel.


Product function: the fireproof function of the core material of the handmade clean room panels are far higher than that of the machined type sandwich panel, so if you choose to use the handmade sandwich panel, it will prove that the requirements for the fireproof function are higher.

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