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What are the differences between continuous sandwich panel and handmade sandwich panel?

With the rapid development of industry and construction industry, the demand for sandwich panel is also increasing rapidly. With the progress of science and technology, China's environmental protection requirements are getting strict, and the application of sandwich panel is getting extensive.


There are many application fields of sandwich panel, which can ensure that the environment will not absorb and emit all kinds of bacteria, and will not form the pollution situation of products and production workshops. Various industries select the certain type of sandwich panel according to their application needs and required characteristics of the panels.


Normally, there are two types of sandwich panel, that is continuous sandwich panel and handmade panel. Do you know the difference between them? Here we will introduce for you.


  • Continuous sandwich panel is produced by machine which is standardized and fast, but the width of machine made sandwich panel is fixed under the machine limit.  Of course, it can be cut to any size required by project on construction site. On the contrary, handmade sandwich panel needs more time for production but sandwich panel sizes are more flexible, it can be made to customized sizes in factory before shipment, which will reduce your construction time on site. 


  • There is some difference on panel joints for these two types of panels, for more information, you can click here to check. But installation for these two types of sandwich panel is easy both by aluminum profiles

  • Another main difference on these two types of panels is their price. Handmade sandwich panel costs higher than continuous sandwich panel. They can be by same metal surface, by same insulation core materials, but handmade sandwich panel is much stronger then machine made sandwich panel, along with a better looking after installation. 

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