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Decorative Sandwich Panel

What is inorganic precoated handmade sandwich panel ?

Inorganic precoated handmade sandwich panel, also known as clean room sandwich panel, its skin is made of 100% asbestos free calcium silicate board as substrate and core insulation material between. Technically, special polyester is applied to surface treatment of the calcium silicate board, so that it has effective fire resistance, anti-aging and water resistance. It keeps a bright appearance and gives people a sense of cleanliness. It has been widely used in home decoration, office building decoration, inorganic precoating calcium silicate board of this handmade sandwich panel, which is more flat, antibacterial, invariable, odorless and paint free than traditional color coated metal skin of insulated sandwich panel.


The traditional handmade sandwich panel is made by color coated metal sheet as skin + inner filling core material between. Most color coated metal steel sheets are limited by the maximum thickness of raw materials from the market and maximum bending thickness from machines. Generally, the stock of color coated steel coils in the market is only from 0.2mm to 0.5mm, while the maximum mechanical flanging cannot exceed 0.5mm thickness. Therefore, in this case, it fail to meet the higher requirements from customers for their building demand.

See the following comparison chart between inorganic precoated handmade sandwich panel and traditional color coated sandwich panel.

handmade sandwich panel comparison.jpg

The inorganic precoated handmade sandwich panel can be widely used in the construction of all kinds of hospitals, all kinds of pharmaceutical workshops, etc.

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