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Dust Free Clean Room

Here updates the industry information and latest news about Dust Free Clean Room


Dust Free Clean Room Hospital Project

Hospital medical industry is a very large and special industry, especially the hospital operating room has a high requirement for air cleanliness. Generally, qualified hospital operating room purification engineering or medical clean room requires a minimum of 30% efficiency prefilter and 90% efficiency sub high efficiency filter to filter the hospital air.


Clean Room project of optical microelectronics dust-free workshop

The optical microelectronics purification project is also known as clean room or dust free clean room. It has become an indispensable and important facility for semiconductor, precision manufacturing, liquid crystal manufacturing, optical manufacturing, circuit board manufacturing, biochemistry, medicine, food manufacturing and other industries.

Sterile-Clean-Room-Project-for -Medical

Sterile Clean Room Project for Medical Devices

According to the requirements of relevant specifications, dust free clean rooms complying with relevant standards are required for sterile medical device production workshop, drug production workshop, medical biology laboratory, operating room, etc.

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