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Clean Room Construction

What details should be paid attention to in the construction of dust-free clean room workshop?

In the construction process of dust-free clean room workshop project, if the operation is improper, it will leave hidden dangers to the project, so we must pay attention to the following points if we have made these mistake during construction of a clean room:


1. The enclosure structure of clean room sandwich panel is not tight, the sealing measures of clean room and technical interlayer (ceiling) are improper, and the closed clean room door is not closed;


2. The quality of the sealant used is not up to standard, easy to fall off and deteriorate; the air return and exhaust color steel plate channels are connected, and the dust flows from the air exhaust to the air return channel;


3. The decoration aluminum profile and process pipeline of the dust-free workshop form dead angle and dust accumulation in the clean room;


4. Some positions are not constructed in accordance with the design requirements of the dust-free workshop, unable to meet the relevant requirements;


5. The inner wall of the air duct of the purification air conditioning system is not clean, the connection is not tight, and the air leakage rate is too high;


6. During the welding of stainless steel sanitary pipes such as process purified water and injection water, the inner wall weld was not formed; the check valve of air duct failed to operate and the air was poured back to cause pollution; the installation quality of drainage system was not qualified, the pipe rack and accessories were easy to accumulate dust; the setting of pressure difference in clean room was not qualified and failed to meet the production process requirements.

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