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Dec.7th, 2018

During the construction of color steel sandwich panel, some auxiliary tools are usually used to cut the color steel sandwich panel into suitable size. What are the main auxiliary tools? Here is to introduce the tools and requirements used to install sandwich panel. 


1. Profile Cutting Machine: When the diameter of saw blade is not less than 10, it should be safe and reliable, and the quality should be high. The cut profile should be regular and burr-free. It is mainly used for the profile matching with color steel plate.


2. Hand-held curve saw: It is mainly used to cut holes on the color steel plate. It is easy to use and has regular holes. It is also used for cutting the color steel plate, but it is noisy.


3. Electric scissors: used for cutting color steel plate, low noise, easy to use


4. Electric hammer: drill holes on cement floor and wall, install expansion bolts, power 550W is appropriate


5. Electric hand drill: When installing color steel sandwich panel, drill screw holes. The optimum drilling diameter is 6mm, voltage is 220v, power is 230w, and speed is 1350 per minute.


6. Riveting Gun: Electric, manual, for riveting core-pulling rivets.


7. Horizontal ruler, line hammer, square ruler, tape ruler, etc.

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