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APR.3, 2020

For insulated panel construction, the most important thing is that there must be no water in the construction environment.


6.1 general installation instructions


6.1.1 before the insulated panel installation, clean the air duct and site in the purification area, and remove all articles irrelevant to construction onsite.


6.1.2 the Contractor shall make specific secondary design according to the design drawings, including roofing panel layout, roofing panel plan, wall panel layout, wall panel plan and relevant node drawings, which shall be ordered according to the actual specifications after confirmed by both parties.


6.1.3 protective measures shall be taken to paste the film, properly pack and load and unload the insulation panels in a civilized manner to reduce the damage of the surface layer during transportation. The storage site for color coated sandwich panel and all kinds of accessories must be dry, clean, flat and solid. If possible, enclosure shall be built around the site for management. The insulation panels shall be stacked in a uniform manner, and the stacking height shall not exceed 2.0m.


6.1.4 after the pre-painted sandwich panel is transported to the site, the product certificate and relevant certificates shall be issued, and the application for inspection shall be completed. There shall be no scratch on the surface of the insulated panel, and its geometric dimension shall meet the requirements of the design drawings. If there is any scratch, the construction contractor shall make technical treatment after removing the protective film.


6.1.5 during the panels installation, do not tear off the plastic protective film on the wall panel surface, and do not hit or step on the pedal surface. The specification, performance and intact-ness of accessories and various materials shall be strictly checked. Unqualified or damaged accessories are strictly prohibited to use.


6.1.6. All installation gaps in the clean area shall be sealed with silica gel. Before gluing, the installation gaps must be cleaned strictly to remove impurities and oil stains, ensure the paste is dense and prevent falling off and ash accumulation. The surface of silica gel shall be smooth without wrinkle.


6.1.7 the site shall be cleaned after the completion of construction every day to ensure that the materials and site are clean after the completion of work every day.


6.2. Installation of insulated panel


The installation of the insulated sandwich panel shall be carried out after the basic completion of the building decoration works and the completion of the main part of the ventilation, power electricity and process supervisor. In the process of installation, machinery such as cutting machine, installation accessories and construction site shall be cleaned and cleaned at any time. According to the installation sequence, install the wall panel first and then the top plate.


6.2.1 wall panel installation


(1) According to the layout plan of insulated panel partition, the setting out shall be strictly carried out, and the equal length trend of people flow and logistics shall be consistent, with the error less than 1.5 ‰. The wall corner shall be connected vertically, and the diagonal error of room setting out shall be less than 1 ‰.


(2) According to the setting out datum, the ground shall be cleaned to ensure that there is no dust on both sides of the manger. The aluminum alloy manger shall be fixed on the ground with shooting nails at an interval of 0.5m, and the manger and the ground shall be closely connected.


(3) The perpendicularity of the insulated wall panel installation shall be corrected with the magnetic line of force, and the deviation shall not be greater than 1 ‰. In order to prevent the wall panel from tilting and twisting caused by accumulated error, the gap between the wall panels shall be strictly controlled within 2.5mm, and the upper and lower parts shall be kept uniform.


(4) When installing the internal arc aluminum at the angle formed by the connection between the wall panel and the roofing panel, the cleaning treatment shall be done first, and the angle formed by the wall panel and the roof shall be sealed with building sealant. The internal angle plastic base and the wall top plate are fixed with aluminum rivets. After installation, the aluminum profile shall be closely pasted with insulated sandwich panel without wave shaped gap.


(5) The insulation panels installation worker shall cooperate with the electrician to confirm the opening size and position of the switch socket, and the color steel plate installation worker shall be responsible for the opening.


6.2.2 cleanroom ceiling panel installation


(1) During the installation, the connection and fixation position of the three-dimensional components such as the hanging and anchor parts that need to hang the girder and strengthen the lifting points and the roof beam shall be determined according to the layout of the secondary design. The details are as follows: the spacing of the hanging bars shall be arranged every 1.2m, and the vertical and horizontal shall be achieved. The roof beam is fixed with φ 10 mm inner wire expansion screw, and the other end of the suspender is connected with the galvanized turnbuckle and the special galvanized concealed crane beam, so as to adjust the flatness of the roof.


(2) The ceiling insulated panel shall be installed according to the direction of the room, and the gap shall be kept within 2-3 mm. The top surface shall be connected with the concealed crane girder with rivets every 0.5 m to make the connection between them firm.


(3) When the length of the roof panel is more than 3m, in addition to hoisting the concealed girder in the width direction, the length direction shall be strengthened. The special C-shaped steel reinforced girder shall be used to connect with the roof keel with the dovetail screw, and then the through wire suspender shall be used to lift up.


(4) After the construction of ceiling board is completed, protection measures shall be taken for the construction of other types of work on the ceiling board, and large-scale processing and manufacturing on the ceiling board are strictly prohibited.

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