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Insulation Panel Maintenance 

APR.2, 2020

If insulated sandwich panel is scratched and installed, it may lack of beauty, which may have a corresponding impact on the continuous use of the insulation panel, especially in some acid-base and salt fog environments. Therefore, when we encounter such a problem, we first need to solve such a problem. Then how can we do the insulation panel maintenance? That is to repair the scratched insulated panel. Generally, if the scratched area of the sandwich panel is not large, the cloth wheel can be used for light polishing and then coated with anti-rust oil for storage, and then a subsequent coating process can be carried out. In addition, oil removal is also required for the coating of the insulation panels. In addition, if the rust spot of insulation panel is deep and the injured area is large, then we must first carry out relevant treatment on its surface, and then carry out relevant repair.


The cleaning method of the insulated wall panel and insulated roofing panel in traditional Chinese medicine workshop is quite headache:


Someone has actually done the following methods: the insulation panel in the workshop has been dyed by the extract powder for a long time, and it can be clean and bright, with good effect. During the overhaul, it can be wiped with alcohol, then with clean and bright, and finally with a soft cleaning ball, which can be very clean.

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