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Hospital Wall 

APR.15, 2020

At zero o'clock on April 8, the channel leaving Wuhan and Hubei, China was reopened. On this day, 77 days have passed since Wuhan closed its railway station and airport on January 23,2020.


Looking back on this unforgettable two months, countless respectable and lovely people came forward, we can be safe at home, it is because of their efforts! Our soldiers in white, volunteers and thousands of heroes are protecting our homes with their own sweat, tears and even life! Wuhan is a very heroic city. Finally, welcome the good news of the national celebration of "bringing down the disease and lighting up the whole city".


Wuhan, the hero behind the anti epidemic campaign, and looking back on Huaao behind the honor, what kind of "not to lose the spring, just to get the autumn". Every bit seems to be yesterday. We can see the days and nights of Huaao's efforts to produce the hospital wall for many fast built temporary hospitals including huoshenshan hospital, leishenshan hospital, fangcang hospital and "Xiaotangshan" hospital. What's more, the spirit of Huaao people is that they are not humble but not overactive, and that they are united. Every honor is inseparable from the indomitable spirit of every Huaao person. Dare to do, dare to think, dare to fight, dare to dream of the Huaao team is destined to create a star in the employment industry.


No winter impassable, novel coronavirus pneumonia, and no spring will not come. In this warm spring recovery day, Hubei Hua Ao has been in the wind and rain. It has also welcomed our great joy: the provincial office issued the Hubei workshop first ranking and the only one of the list of the top priority and the only one of the list of new champions. How proud of Huaao people!


Yesterday has passed, today is at the foot of our feet, the future is in our hands. We wish the motherland and the world are safe. Let's bear in mind the heroic martyrs, inherit and carry forward their patriotism and heroic spirit, overcome difficulties, strive to open up a better and happy future !

sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel includes roofing sheet, wall panel and ceiling panel.

Standard color is off-white and light blue, it can be customized based on certain quantity.

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Cleanroom Door

Cleanroom door is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Color is customized

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Cleanroom Window

Cleanroom Window is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Size is customized 

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clean room accessories

Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom Accessories is the aluminum profiles to cover and decorate the edges, which

makes the whole room beautiful and dust proof

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