Dec.25th, 2018

Under the global energy-saving trend, the building energy-saving standards will continue to improve with the passage of time, which will inevitably bring energy-saving materials and huge market demand for energy-saving products. As a high valued building exterior wall insulation in the construction industry, we should also take energy-saving, environmental protection and low carbon as the criteria, and try to use new exterior wall insulation materials which are non-flammable, fire-proof and environmental protection and energy-saving.

In recent years, as the most promising building energy-saving exterior wall materials, the consumption of polyurethane thermal insulation materials shows an increasing trend. Data show that from 2005 to 2010, the annual growth rate of polyurethane thermal insulation materials in China is 16%. Compared with EPS and XPS, polyurethane thermal insulation materials have the advantages of low thermal conductivity and flame retardant, and are the most ideal building energy-saving exterior wall thermal insulation materials. However, due to the high price, polyurethane thermal insulation materials in China's building energy-saving materials market share is not high, less than 10%. In the future, with the further promotion of the low-carbon economic development line, the consumption of polyurethane thermal insulation materials in building energy-saving industry will have broad growth space.

Polyurethane occupies a considerable share in the foreign market of building insulation materials, with 57% in the United States and 32% in Japan. China's polyurethane rigid foam industry started relatively late. At the beginning, its raw materials basically depended on imports, and its development was slow. Until the 1990s, China's polyurethane rigid foam industry entered a period of rapid development. The market demand of China's polyurethane rigid foam industry caused a high degree of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Attach importance to. With the shift of the focus of development of polyurethane rigid foam in the world to China, international chemical giants such as BASF, Hunsman and Bayer have increased their efforts to expand the Chinese market. These multinational enterprises are huge in scale, leading in technology and rich in product series. With the continuous entry of competitors into the polyurethane insulation material industry, their competitiveness has been gradually strengthened, and the competition in the same industry has become increasingly fierce. Polyurethane insulation materials have high technical requirements and obvious economies of scale, so the barriers of the whole industry are high and cannot enter in a short time.