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Feature and Application of Paper Honeycomb insulated panel

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Specification of paper honeycomb insulated panel and its application field


Paper honeycomb insulated panel is made of steel sheet on both sides, cold-drawn profile frame around, paper honeycomb core compound, which has the characteristics of high strength-weight ratio, average stress, strong pressure resistance, low thermal conductivity, good seismic resistance and no deformation, light weight, strong sound insulation effect, durable and easy installation.

1. Conventional width of mechanism sandwich panel: 1150mm, 950mm, thickness: 50mm~100mm, length is unlimited.

2. Conventional width of hand-made sandwich panel: 1180 mm, thickness: 50-100 mm, unlimited length

Material selection:

1. Upper and lower steel plates: thickness of 0.4-1.2 mm, types of color steel plate, galvanized/hot-dipped steel plate or stainless steel plate

2. Core material: paper honeycomb, honeycomb paper is a hexagonal structure formed by kraft paper processing. It is made according to the natural honeycomb structure principle. It connects corrugated base paper into numerous hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by bonding method to form an integral force-bearing part-paper core, and binds surface paper on both sides of the corrugated base paper to form a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving material of sandwich structure.

Areas of application:

1. Widely used in steel structure factory buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, mobile rooms, building floors, office partitions, clean rooms and other ceiling and partition walls.

2. Mainly used for cleanroom doors, partitions, ceiling, floor, movable houses, open office partitions, etc. After being introduced to the market, it has been welcomed by users and has gradually become an important new type material for residential door. In the frame light-board building system, the use of paper honeycomb board in large area of partition wall and enclosure wall can greatly increase the effective housing area, improve the seismic performance of the building, reduce the main body weight, reduce the comprehensive cost, improve the working conditions, shorten the construction period, promote the prefabrication, assembly and mechanization of the building construction, and make the advantages of light frame building system more prominent. It also adapts to the trend of modern architecture.


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