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Clean room glass panel

Updated: May 15, 2023

Can you provide the clean room glass panel also ?

Yes, sure.

We provide the one stop service for clean room products, Clean room is a whole project composed of many aspects to provide a dust-free clean working environment for workshops. What we manufacture is the main structure construction materials of the clean room, which includes wall, ceiling, cleanroom door, glass panel and cleanroom accessories.

Here we will introduce you our clean room glass panel series.

We use 5mm hollow tempered double glass with aluminum alloy frame or stainless steel frame for clean room glass panel window frame, which can be matched perfectly with our clean room wall panel series, to make a good sealing performance and good sound and heat insulation.

The integration of our clean room panels, door, window make a beautiful overall effect.






the installation of the clean room glass panel is easy as wall panel, using the same aluminum profile to connect with the sandwich panel wall.

To know more about the installation of the clean room glass panel, you can kindly click here.

If any further question, you can kindly contact us.

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