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Introduce the function of handmade rock wool panels

Introduce the function of handmade rock wool panels

1. Light: Low building load, reduce structural load, reduce structural cost

2. Rigidity is good: Because rock wool core and two layers of steel plate are bonded together to form a whole and work together, and the surface of roof panel is corrugated and pressed, its overall stiffness is much better than that of rock wool (glass wool) in-situ composite plate. After the sandwich board is fixed with purlin by connecting parts, the overall stiffness of the roof is greatly improved, and the overall working property of the roof is strengthened. When rock wool sandwich board is selected, a larger purlin distance can be adopted, thus the purlin consumption can be saved by 1/3-2/3.

3. Durability: Various studies have shown that, as well as the extensive use abroad for more than 40 years, the shelf life of color steel sheets treated with special coatings is 10-15 years, and after spraying anticorrosive coatings every 10 years, the life of the sheets can reach more than 35 years.

4. Installation period is short: Rock wool color steel panel can not only keep the surrounding environment clean without affecting the normal operation of other processes, but also greatly shorten the installation period of sheets. The average daily installation area of rock wool sandwich plate is 600-800 m2.

5. Scratch protection: In the production of rock wool sandwich panels, polyethylene self-adhesive protective film can be adhered to the surface to avoid scratch or wear on the surface of steel plate during transportation and installation.

6. Excellent fireproofing performance: Rock wool sandwich board uses raw materials, production process and formula, so that it has good fireproofing performance.

7. Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation of rock wool panel is based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool =0.043W/m2K, and calculated by the thickness of the corresponding proportion of rock wool core material. The fire protection grade is A.

8. The effect of sound insulation and absorption is remarkable:

Sound absorption: Rock wool sandwich board also has excellent sound absorption effect. It can absorb sound in a wide frequency range. According to ISO354/85 standard, the sound absorption performance of rock wool sandwich board reaches DELTALA=15.7Db(A).

Sound insulation: Rock wool sandwich board can significantly reduce noise transmission, especially in designated flights. In addition, the indoor sound caused by the impact of rainwater and hail on the roof steel plate of buildings is also significantly reduced after the use of rock wool roof board. Through testing, according to ISO717/82 and UNI8270/7 standards, rock wool sandwich board with density of 100kg/M3 is selected as the core material. The sound insulation effect can reach RW=29~30Db.