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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Even there is only small number of houses are built by insulated metal panels, but it is really a good building insulation material.


Insulated panels are a type of high-performance building panels consist of two metal sheets and a layer of polystyrene, polyurethane, rockwool, magnesium, aluminum honeycomb or paper honeycomb as a core insulation material in between.

What are the advantages of insulated metal panels? That is the lower cost, faster built and energy efficient building. The inherent energy efficiency is one of the biggest feature of the insulated metal panels, it can offer a higher R value than a traditional building material.

Insulated metal panels are manufactured under factory-controlled condition and can be custom designed for different requirement. Using insulated panel system can save your time, money and labor. The product helped reduce time and labor costs significantly as the panels were manufactured off-site, so they were able to be quickly installed in place on the site

Insulated panels system is easy to install which can speed up the construction time and even more, insulated panel can be disassembled easily and recycle for many times.


Insulted metal panels can have several insulation choices based on project needs, it can be heat insulation, sound proof, fire proof, acid and alkali resistance. This system is not as popular as it should be for traditional housing market one main factor is because it is more suitable for temporary building system instead of permanent residence housing as its life span limit. the housing system using insulated metal panels normally last about 20 years, and it is mostly applied in fields such as prefabricated house, temporary school, movable hospital, labor accommodation, site office or hotel etc. it is also applied for the roofing and wall for industries area like warehouse, storage room etc.

It is easy to cut a door, a window, easy to install the electricity system and piping for this insulation panel system.


At the beginning of the insulated panel system applied in construction projects, it is regular color is off white or sky blue and have no much choice which restrict the outlook of the buildings, builder still need to pay extra cost to make another layer of decoration material on the sandwich panels. But now, there already have the decoration effect on the skin metal sheets, it can be different pattern, color and decoration look which save cost and make the housing much more beautiful.


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