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The superior properties of magnesium sandwich panel

Fire prevention excellence

Magnesium color steel plate insulated sandwich panel has good fire-proof performance, it is a non-flammable material and the flame duration is zero. Magnesium sandwich panel is non-flammable at 800 degrees Celsius~1200 degrees, which reaching the highest level of fire-proof non-flammable A1 grade. If with high-quality keel production of the partition system, the fire resistance limit of magnesium sandwich panel can be more than 3 hours. During the process of fire combustion, it can absorb a lot of heat and delay the rise of ambient temperature.

Waterproof and moisture proof

In dry-cold and wet weather, the performance of magnesium fire-proof insulated sandwich panel is always stable, not affected by condensate droplets and moist air. Even if it is soaked in water for several days, it will be air-dried naturally, not deform and soften, and can be used normally again, moisture absorption and halogen return phenomenon never occur. The sandwich panel board body has no water permeability after test.

Light weight and seismic resistance

The apparent density of magnesium board is 0.8-1.2g/cm3, which reduces the building load, reduces the weight of the building interior wall by more than 60%, and increases the use area by 5-8%. Light weight is conducive to the seismic resistance of the structure, and effectively reduces the cost of the foundation and the main body of the structure.

Superior strength

Although light in weight, magnesium fireproof sandwich panel board has compact structure, good stability, no deformation, wood-like toughness, excellent impact resistance, compression resistance, tensile and fracture properties, with both rigidity and toughness. Its flexural strength reaches 322 kgf/cm2 (vertical) and 216 kgf/cm2 (horizontal), and its impact strength can reach 25 Mpa.

Environmental health

Magnesium color steel sandwich panel does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde, benign and harmful radioactive elements, smokeless in case of fire, non-toxic, odorless. The material produced is natural mineral powder and plant fibers, the production process is natural maintenance with less energy consumption, no sewage, energy saving and environmental protection. When using this kind of sandwich panel, the surface does not contain flour. Its unique natural fine-hole structure can adjust the indoor temperature and make the room and office more comfortable.

Heat insulation and energy saving

Magnesium insulated sandwich panel has the characteristics of uniform fine holes, compactness and inorganic substances. Its thermal conductivity is 0.216w/cm.k, which is more heat-insulating than 1.1w/cm.k of lime-sand brick and stone. It saves energy consumption and keeps the room comfortable and clear air.

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