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what is cleanroom door and window and how to install ?

Steel cleanroom door

The steel cleanroom door frame and door panel are all made of one-piece. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying. The product has no seams, solder joints, dead corners, and is flat and smooth. It is easy to clean and dust-free. The three sides of the door are made of high-grade rubber and plastic sealing strips, and the bottom is made of automatic lifting sweeper. It has strong air tightness and effectively ensures the indoor purification effect. The observation window is made of double-layer tempered glass with four weeks of inlay. Two centi-meter printing black edge, glass flush with the surface of the door panel, which is sealed, firm and beautiful. The core material of the door panel is filled with high-strength flame-retardant core material, which fully meets the fire protection requirements of the purification workshop.

how to install cleanroom door

The wall suitable for installation of this door is 50mm-100mm manual type cleanroom sandwich panel and various sizes of civil walls. The door frame and the wall are connected by “中“ shape aluminum profile which it is easy to operate. Both sides of the door frame and the wall are flush. It is the best choice for the purification workshop, no matter from the angle of strength or beauty. Product size, material and special requirements can be customized according to the needs of customers.

cleanroom door for hospital, pharma, lab, electronic workshop

It has good sealing performance, high strength, easy to open and flexible installation. The door frame is connected with the wall panel by aluminum profile, flush with both sides of the wall. The thickness of the partition wall, product size, material and special requirements can be customized according to the use requirements.

cleanroom door for purification workshop

Hollow double-layer clean room window

how to install cleanroom window

The double-layer printing cleanroom window has the characteristics of good airtight performance, the wall and the window are in the same plane, flexible installation and beautiful appearance. It can be made according to different wall thickness, especially suitable for 50 ~ 100mm thick color steel sandwich panel, double-layer window, hollow type, moisture-proof type.

cleanroom double hollow window for pharmaceutical workshop

Clean room window performance

Sound insulation: to meet people's needs for lighting, viewing, decoration and environmental protection, the general hollow glass can reduce the noise by about 30dB, while the inert gas filled hollow glass can reduce the noise by about 5dB on the original basis, which can reduce the noise of 80dB to 45dB.

Clean room window Good thermal insulation performance

K value of heat conduction system: the K value of single 6mm glass is 5.75kcal/mh, and the K value of general hollow glass is 1.4-2.9kcal/mh. For hollow glass filled with argon and sulfur fluoride gas, the K value can be reduced to 1.19kcal/mh. Argon is mainly used to reduce the K value of heat conduction, while sulfur fluoride gas is mainly used to reduce the noise DB value. The two gases can be used alone or mixed in a certain proportion.

Clean room window Anti condensation

In winter, when the indoor and outdoor temperature is high, there will be condensation in single glass doors and windows, but there is no condensation in double hollow glass.

Hollow double-layer glass can meet the needs of customers, making non-standard products of different specifications and models. Different shapes and grades of glass can be selected for door leaf windows, such as toughened glass, fireproof glass and bulletproof glass.

Clean doors and windows are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, biological, electronic plants and other workshops.