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What is the application scope of sandwich panel?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020


Generally speaking, sandwich panels can be applied to almost all kinds of different building needs, including industrial buildings, public buildings, composite houses, purification engineering, clean room projects and other fields.

As roofing sheet for public announcement building

Sandwich panels are mainly used in roofings and exterior walls of public buildings with large space requirements, such as waiting halls, stadiums, cinemas and auditoriums, exhibition halls and exhibition centers, museums, etc. Such buildings mostly use the roof truss steel structure by grid or pipe, so the materials of roof panels require higher in characteristics of light weight, thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire safety, water-proof, sound absorption, durability and other aspects.

Walls and roofs for Industrial plant and warehouse

Sandwich panels are mainly used in the roofs and exterior walls of industrial workshops and warehouses. In the past, prefabricated concrete slabs or asbestos board were mostly used in the roofs of industrial workshops. With the rapid development of light steel structure, sandwich board has also replaced the above two types of materials with a number of significant advantages. While providing better thermal insulation effect, light steel housing sytem with sandwich board as roof and wall can reach a series of advantanges, such as light weight, fast installation, lower construction cost and flexible designs etc. Therefore, sandwich board has become the preferred insulation materials in single-storey factory buildings. For multi-storey industrial buildings, besides sandwich panels for roofing, sandwich panels can also be used for exterior walls to beautify buildings through the changeable color and shape of sandwich panels. Sandwich panel with better thermal insulation than brick walls can greatly save the construction cost for industrial buildings which requiried constant temperature and humidity.

As walls and ceilings for clean room

With the continuous progress of society, electronics and medicine industries are developing rapidly. In the manufacturing process of products in these industries, it is necessary to provide a cleaner production environment. Because the color steel skin on the sandwich panels surfaces are not easy to adhere to dust, and the color steel is easy to clean, sandwich panels as interior walls and ceiling materials are widely used in production workshop with higher clean requirements. The industries required higher clean environment include electronic and computer products manufacturing, medical supplies and pharmaceutical production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room etc.

Even the cleanliness requirement is not high for some factories, sandwich panels are also widely used as partition walls in factories because of their flexible disassembly and assembly.

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