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How to choose a good quality rock wool panel?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

How to choose a good rockwool panel?

1. Appearance quality: The surface is smooth, and there must be no marks or stains that hinder the use.

2. Combustion performance: Combustion performance refers to all physical and chemical changes that occur when building materials are burned or exposed to fire. This performance is measured by the ignition and flame propagation of the material surface, the characteristics of heat, smoke, carbonization, weight loss, and the generation of toxic products. The burning performance of rock wool panel is zero, so it can be said that good rock wool insulated panel cannot be burned.


3. Thermal load shrinkage temperature: Thermal load shrinkage temperature is used to characterize the wet and thermal stability of rock wool insulation panel. It is soaked in gradually heated water, rock wool panel will begin to shrink when the temperature reaches 643 degrees, so the load shrinkage temperature of rock wool panel is 643 degrees, that is to say, rockwool insulation wall panel will deform when the external temperature reaches 643 degrees.

4. Hygroscopicity: Hygroscopicity refers to the property that the material can absorb water in the air. This property of rock wool insulation board is related to the chemical composition and structure of the material. For inorganic non-metallic materials, besides the chemical properties of the surface of the material, it is also related to the micro-structure formed by the material. If there are many capillaries, the hygroscopicity of the material will be stronger, besides the diameter of the capillary hole. It is also related to the structure of organic macromolecule materials. The metal surface also has the properties of adsorbing water molecules. It is related to the properties of metal elements and surface structure. The moisture absorption of rock wool panel in the air is 3.9% per square meter. This moisture absorption can keep the room dry and play a moisture-proof role.


5. Organic matter content: Organic matter is mainly composed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Organic matter is the material basis of production, such as fat, hydrogen acid, protein, sugar, heme, chlorophyll, enzyme, hormone, etc. It can be said that as long as the product contains a certain amount of organic matter, the more organic matter content the product is, the easier it burns. The organic compounds in rock wool sandwich panel is 2.9%, the main organic matter is "cotton", and this kind of organic matter and processed asbestos will not burn.

6. The important content of rock wool insulated sandwich panel is that the density range of rock wool board is kg/M3, 100-250+15%. Only in this density can the rock wool board meet the product quality requirements.

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