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Sandwich Panel Application

MAY.28, 2020

Sandwich panel roof is connected by concealed nails, and the panel surface is closely overlapped.


The unique waterproof tank design effectively prevents the rainwater from penetrating and avoids the cold bridge phenomenon.

The 30mm wave crest height can greatly improve the bearing capacity of roof slab, ensure the thermal insulation effect of buildings, and effectively reduce the construction cost of customers, with the minimum roof slope of 3%.


Sandwich panel wall is connected without any screws on the panel surface, it is beautiful and smooth for building wall, extremely its high bending capacity, excellent mechanical properties of the wall panel, reducing the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.


The excellent insulation performance of sandwich panel reduces the cost of indoor air conditioning equipment.


With the continuous progress of society, electronic and pharmaceutical industries are developing rapidly. In the manufacturing process of these industries, it is necessary to provide a clean production environment. As the surface of the insulated sandwich panel is not easy to attach dust, easy to clean and has fewer joints, the sandwich panel is widely applied in the production and working environment with clean requirements as the interior wall and ceiling materials. The sandwich panel application scope includes electronic and computer product manufacturing, medical supplies and pharmacy production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room and other industries. Although the cleanliness requirements of some plants are not high. However, in view of the flexible disassembly and assembly of the protruding core board, insulated sandwich panel is also widely applied as the partition wall inside the workshop.


Insulated sandwich panel application in composite house has been normal, with a series of advantages such as light overall weight, flexible combination, convenient and quick construction, no need for secondary decoration, easy demolition and relocation. It is widely used to build storied adding houses with sandwich panels. Due to the shortage of urban land, many units and individuals hope to build one storey building on the top of the roof without heavy load on the original building. In this way, the use area is expanded and the problems of heat insulation and water-proof of the original roof are solved under the condition of small investment. The advantages of insulated sandwich panel composite house are just right fully meet the needs of users, sandwich panel composite house can be relocated many times, which makes it widely used in temporary buildings, in addition, a large number of industrial plant interior also use insulated sandwich panel as a multi-purpose composite house.


Depends on the project budget, it can choose from foam insulation panel, cold room type PU panel, fire proof rock wool panel or higher cleanness requirement then use clean room insulation panels.


Due to the particularity of its materials, insulated sandwich panel wall and roof is widely applied in the above-mentioned construction fields, and people also give full play to its characteristics, and apply it to a broader field, such as the ship's internal partition wall, cold storage, highway sound insulation wall, shipping container insulation usage etc. with the continuous progress of science and technology and the upgrading of people's work and life needs, so as to better meet people's needs in the new era Building materials industry with endless products creates a broader space.

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