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Color Steel Sandwich Panel


The application of color steel sandwich panels is the most widely used in the construction of temporary houses, composite houses, clean rooms, etc. It is due to the characteristics of its easy installation and strong performance of color steel sandwich panels. What is the development trend of color steel sheet? Let us introduce you here.


The colorful steel plate is not only the "makeup artist" of the building, but also the "outstanding person" of the building materials. Because it does not contain organic matter such as formaldehyde, no radiation, safety and fire protection, it is suitable for decoration of large-scale construction and decoration of hotels, buildings, public facilities, new residences, etc. Then, how to do daily cleaning for the colored steel plate? Do you know? If you still don't know or want to know more about it, keep looking.


1. use rock wool or glass magnesium as fireproof material as core material. This is a radical solution.


Sandwich panel is the enclosure material for the construction of movable house. In other words, sandwich panel is essential for the construction of movable house.


The materials used in the construction of clean room workshop are generally superior in air tightness, not easily affected by temperature and humidity, and the walls and roofs are required to be bright, flat, dustproof, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, easy to clean and so on.


For the clean room sandwich panel, they have good dust-proof effect and antimicrobial ability. In the season when static electricity is easy to produce, they also have the function of static electricity release. These functions are only the basic functions of a clean room sandwich panel, It has different requirements for different uses, so it also gives it a lot of different capabilities, such as flame retardant.


What is the quality standard of sandwich panels?


Sandwich panel can be external wall, internal partition for prefabricated housing and container house.


1. The installation of color steel sandwich panel is fast because of its light weight, it can be cut at will during installation which determines its simple installation, which can greatly improve the efficiency and save the construction time.


1. The scope of application to the clean room panel is very wide. It can be applied to the ceiling of the clean room, industrial plant, warehouse and cold storage, partition of air conditioner, etc.


In the construction site of installing the color steel sandwich panel, the operator should know clearly the sequence of installation, division of labor and cooperation. The labor intensity should be basically equal, the cooperation is orderly, busy but not disorderly. In addition, some people are also required to clean up the construction site.


The thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound absorption properties of color steel sandwich panel mainly depend on its core material-insulation material. This material not only needs good temperature, but also needs sufficient strength and stiffness, and has good adhesion with color steel plate. Only in this way, the sandwich panel can withstand the design load and meet the building function.


1. Inside and outside sides are made of steel sheet and sandwich polystyrene foam. Sandwich panel surface is smooth and dirt can be easily removed. The whole panel is bright in color and has excellent light retention. Steel sheet surface has a layer of rubber coat with excellent performance. It has good chemical stability to atmosphere, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt etc. It has high surface finish, excellent light retention and no change in color. Corrosion resistance, anti sunlight and anti-aging.


Color steel sandwich panels are often used in building construction. What are the requirements for the production of such sandwich panels? What are the requirements for the coating of color steel sandwich panel?


During the construction of color steel sandwich panel, some auxiliary tools are usually used to cut the color steel sandwich panel into suitable size. What are the main auxiliary tools? Here is to introduce the tools and requirements used in construction.


The color steel sandwich panels are divided into foam panel, rock wool panel, polyurethane panel, paper honeycomb sandwich panel and glass wool panel.

rock-wool- roof-panel.jpg

Choosing a lower thermal conductivity is an important index to measure the performance of rock wool board. The smaller the thermal conductivity is, the less energy transferred through the material, and the better the thermal insulation performance of the insulation rock wool board is.


If insulated sandwich panel is scratched and installed, it may lack of beauty, which may have a corresponding impact on the continuous use of the insulation panel, especially in some acid-base and salt fog environments.


Building energy conservation has become a key factor affecting the strategic decision-making of energy sustainable development in China. The energy consumption of existing building area in China is more than 20 times that of developed countries, which has caused heavy energy burden and serious environmental pollution to the society. It is urgent to develop energy conservation and green building.

Under the global energy-saving trend, the building energy-saving standards will continue to improve with the passage of time, which will inevitably bring energy-saving materials and huge market demand for energy-saving products.


On the finished product of rock wool sandwich panel, it is made by multiple processing of basalt, which has different uses of rock wool slab, rock wool tube and other products.


The production of rock wool sandwich panel is mainly based on basalt as raw material, then melted at high temperature for a long time, and then processed by a series of processes to produce inorganic fibers. This product has the characteristics of light weight, non-combustible, good sound absorption, low thermal conductivity and good chemical stability.


The most important thing is that there must be no water in the construction environment In a clean room construction.

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