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Nov.8th, 2018

Sandwich panel partition charateristics: 

1. no floor suspension: floor without track, just track installation and ceiling.
2. stability and safety: after separation, it is stable and reliable, and is not easy to swing.
3. sound insulation and environmental protection: sound insulation effect is good, the maximum sound insulation coefficient can reach 53Db, for example, glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel.
4. Heat insulation and energy saving: good heat insulation performance. according to different seating rates, large space can be divided into small space to reduce air conditioning power consumption.
5. efficient fire prevention: the use of efficient fire-resistant materials, good fire performance.
6. beautiful and generous: arbitrary decoration on the surface, which can be decorated with indoor decoration effect.
7. retractable flexibly: the diaphragm can be retractable freely, so that one can complete the partition process.
8. Convenient collection: when the board is closed, sandwich panel partitions can be hidden in special cabinets without affecting the overall appearance.
Sandwich panel partition is widely used in conference halls, exhibition halls, restaurants, high-clean factories and offices and other places.

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