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Sandwich Panel Warehouse

Jan.23, 2021

Single layer steel sheet can be used for wall and roof for a steel structure warehouse, which can save cost. Sandwich panel is also a popular material for the wall and roof of the warehouse, because of its advantage on heat insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance performance. Today is talking something about our shipment to south America for a sandwich panel warehouse project.


Based on your project budget and project application, you can choose the suitable insulation sandwich panel type, eps sandwich panel can be considered for a sandwich panel warehouse project with lower budget but with a heat insulation need.  


And if you need a better sound insulation and fire proof material, you can consider the rock wool sandwich panel, another popular insulation material is PU panel, which is more expensive but with the best thermal insulation.


Before you choose a proper insulation type for your sandwich panel warehouse project, you need to compare the thermal conductivity of each insulation panel, the lower the thermal conductivity is, the better heat insulation the material will be. For example, the thermal conductivity of eps panel is ≤0.041W/(m.K), and PU panel is ≤0.027W/(m.K), so PU panel is a better thermal insulation material. Of course, it has something to do with the thickness of the material also, standard thickness of sandwich panel is 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.


R-Value is another important index to specify an insulation material’s thermal resistance performance, the higher the R-Value the better thermal resistance the material will provide.


R-Value = Thickness (m) / Thermal conductivity (W/mK)


From the above formula you will find there are two factors affecting the thermal resistance of the different sandwich panels, that is the thickness and the thermal conductivity of the insulation materials.


Take eps panel and PU panel for example again, that means you can use thicker eps panel to replace PU panel, to achieve a same thermal resistance, but with lower cost, because the price of PU panel is almost twice that of eps panel.


So based on the above calculation, you will also find, to get a specific thermal resistance, increased the sandwich panel thickness is more economically efficient then using a product with a lower thermal conductivity.


By the way, we will provide the accessories for your warehouse installation also, including the aluminum profiles, steel sheet closure, rivet, screws, glue etc. 

You can give us your required size and quantity of wall panel, roof panel, fittings for your steel structure warehouse, or you can send us the drawing of your warehouse, we will calculate and send you the proposal.


For more detail information, just contact us.

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