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What is Clean Room Sandwich Panel ?

What is the difference between clean room sandwich panel and common sandwich panel?

The clean room sandwich panel has better quality than the ordinary sandwich panel, good appearance flatness, and thicker internal filler. It is applied in the purification engineering category with strict indoor environment requirements, such as the wall decoration of hospital operation. Clean room panel manufacturers tell you that there are many differences between clean room sandwich panel and common sandwich panel, not only from the appearance.


What's the difference between the clean room sandwich panel and the common color steel insulated panel? Many people don't understand what the clean room panel is and what's the difference between the clean room sandwich panel and the color steel sandwich panel. In terms of appearance, there is no difference between the clean room panel and the color steel sandwich panel. They are all composite plates made of color coated plate, stainless steel and other raw materials, with eps, pu, rock wool or other fillers added in the center core.


To say the difference, the quality of the clean room panel is better than that of common sandwich panel, which is applied in the fields of electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, instrument manufacturing and scientific research, etc., which have strict requirements on indoor environment. The high-grade living container mobile room - the wall panel of the packing box is the clean room panel, and the outer surface of the wall panel is the galvanized embossed sheet.


Most of the general sandwich panel are used in the movable modular houses on the construction site, as wall panels and roof panels. Because the double-sided steel plate of the general insulated panel is only painted with a layer of color paint without primer coated, which may rust and dust when it is used for long time, the general insulation sandwich panel can only be used as the movable container house, mobile room, prefabricated house, the external wall thermal insulation and other low requirements of plant construction and thermal insulation system.


The clean room sandwich panel has the following four advantages:


1、 It is light in weight, because the clean room panel itself is light in weight, convenient in transportation and installation, which can save the construction period.


2、 Environmental protection and saving, the activity room made of clean room panel can be reused, which is not only environmental protection but also saving money, without pollution and noise.


3、 High strength, because of steel structure, strong bearing capacity, compression and bending resistance.


The surface is smooth and easy to clean, the surface of the purified color galvanized steel plate is not rough, with a long anti-corrosion period, suitable for reuse.


1. Excellent fire protection function.

2. Good heat preservation and insulation.

3. Remarkable heat insulation and sound absorption effect.


The raw materials of the clean room panel are not only rock wool, but also seven kinds of core materials, such as glass wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and glass magnesium board etc. The skin on both sides can be made of more than ten kinds of coating materials such as color steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum zinc plate, stainless steel, printed steel plate, aluminum foil paper, PVC, plywood and more than 20 kinds of composite plates.

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