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What is Clean Room Project?

Clean Room project refers to the operation of products (such as silicon chips, etc.) to touch the cleanliness of the atmosphere with the same temperature and humidity, so that products can be produced and manufactured in an outstanding environmental space. The planning and construction process of this environmental space can be called clean room project. The clean room panel can be customized and fixed according to the requirements of the project. The combined installation of the clean room panel can not only reduce the cost of the basic engineering and structural engineering of the building, but also can be disassembled many times. The construction and installation are convenient and the comprehensive benefit is very significant.


Advantages: simple structure, low cost of system manufacture, easy expansion of clean room. In some special places, dust-free working table can be used to improve the grade of clean room.


Defect: the dust particles formed by turbulence floating in the indoor space are not easy to be discharged, easy to pollute the products. In other cases, if the system is reactivated due to intermittent work, it will take a long time to achieve the required cleanliness.


Clean room project is a basic supporting industry with a wide range of applications. In the 21st century, it has been used in many works, such as electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, medicine and health, bioengineering, aerospace, car spraying, etc., and according to the detailed and dust-free requirements of the work, the grades are different.


At present, the higher level is the aerospace warehouse, which is basically classified as level 1, and belongs to special field, with relatively small area.


Other high-level requirements are biochemical laboratory and high-precision Nano material production workshop. The development of Internet of things chips will be a major direction of future demand. With the development of electronic components to miniaturization, LCD panel has been upgraded to the eighth generation, and the work demand is very huge.

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