What is Polyurethane Sandwich Panel?

MAY. 22, 2020

Anti-leakage sandwich roof, polyurethane rigid foam insulation panel, polyurethane composite board and Pu panel are popular terms for polyurethane sandwich panel. Strictly speaking, they should be polyurethane insulation sandwich panel for building. The national standard is GB / T 23932-2009, and the old standard is JC / t868-2000




The product is a bimetal, single metal and non-metallic composite board with polyurethane hard package as the insulation layer, which is usually used for the wall and roof enclosure system of industrial house, logistics warehouse and integrated house.




The bonding strength of polyurethane sandwich panel shall not be less than 0.09mpa. The combustion performance of sandwich panel shall reach Class B1. When the deflection of wearing resistance sandwich panel is l0 / 200 (LO is the distance between supports), the bending capacity of sandwich panel shall not be less than 0.5kn/m2. The effective width of the panel is usually 1000mm, and the length can be customized,




The production of polyurethane melt sandwich panel needs advanced continuous production line of sandwich panel. The process is composed of inner and outer galvanized (aluminized zinc) color steel plate cold bending and middle coated polyurethane rigid foam. The anti-leakage sandwich roofing panel with patented technology brings the advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel to the extreme,


Polyurethane sandwich panel has the following characteristics:

1) The composite board with low thermal conductivity is the best thermal insulation material because of its small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance.

2) The board is beautiful and easy to install.

3) Polyurethane sandwich board has good fire resistance

4) Polyurethane sandwich board is non-toxic and tasteless.

5) Wide temperature range.

6) Waterproof and moisture proof.

Polyurethane sandwich board has beautiful appearance and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention and water-proof in the body, and does not need secondary decoration. It is quick and convenient to install, short construction period, good comprehensive benefit, and has good cost performance advantage. It is a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving building enclosure material with wide use and great potential, and also a new type of energy-saving board promoted and promoted by the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China.