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What is rock wool sandwich panel?

MAY. 27, 2020

Rock wool sandwich panel is made of rock wool as raw material. Rock wool sandwich panel  has significant effect on fire prevention, heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.


The insulated rockwool sandwich panel is now by automatic production facility to compose the rock wool insulation with the color steel sheet, instead of the previous traditional way of filling in rock wool insulation on construction site.


Besides meeting the requirement of heat insulation, sound insulation, and fire protection for buildings, rock wool sandwich panel has achieved the goal of higher quality, higher efficiency, reliability and safety. Rock wool sandwich panel has been widely used in Europe and has been mature and perfect now.


What is the Parameters of rock wool sandwich panel?


Thickness of upper / lower steel sheet: 0.4 ~ 0.6mm color steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet / stainless steel sheet


Core material: rock wool density: 60 ~ 100kg / m, thickness: 50 ~ 200 mm

Side sealing steel strip or non-side sealing steel strip: 0.4mm-0.8mm galvanized steel sheet


Effective width of tongue and groove type: 950mm, 1150mm; thickness: 40mm ~ 150 mm, length will depend on project demand and the shipping container limit.


Sandwich panel surface protection from scratch: PVC protective film


How is the fire resistance for insulated rock wool panel?


1. Integrity: according to GB / T 9978-2008.1, 10.2, 2 standards

Test result: fire rated 54min, the back surface of the rock wool test piece has no flame, no cotton pad. 

2. Thermal insulation:

According to GB / T 9978-2008.1, 10.2, 2.3; the technical index loses heat insulation, the average temperature rise of the back fire surface of the test piece exceeds the initial average temperature by 140 ℃; the temperature rise of any point exceeds the initial average temperature by 180 ℃.

Test result:  after 54 min, the average temperature rise of the back surface of the test piece is 89 ℃, and the maximum temperature rise is 190 ℃.


That is rock wool sandwich panel fire resistance conclusion: 54min 

Full test report please contact us to provide. 

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