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What is Silicon Sandwich Panel ?

MAY. 26, 2020

Silicon sandwich panel is a new method to improve foam properties based on changing the polymer matrix structure to make it fire rated.


1、 Performance of fire rated foam sandwich panel


A. Heat resistance: the silicon sandwich panel can withstand 250-300 ℃ high temperature for a long time and 400-500 ℃ high temperature in case of fire. It is the most stable and one of the most stable varieties of silicolite insulation polymers.


B. Flame retardant:  silicon foam sandwich panel is a material of good flame-retardant, heat-resistant, no smoke and no harmful gas. It is because the amine free radical is a good absorbent, in the process of high temperature decomposition, the free radical generated by the broken methylene bridge is quickly absorbed by the amine free radical to prevent the continuous reaction. This phenomenon makes the modified polyimide extremely difficult to burn.


C. Low toxicity: there are only hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms in the low smoke silica foam sandwich panel. When it decomposes at high temperature, it can only produce products composed of carbon and oxygen, and there is no other toxic gas except a small amount of Co. The maximum eustachian volume of modified piipn is 5%, while that of polyurethane is 74%. Compared with the modified piipn, the eustachian volume of modified piipn is quite low.


D. Anti-flame penetration: under the direct flame, the silicon foam sandwich panel has no carbon deposition, no falling objects, no curling and no melting phenomenon. After flame burning, the foam is basically retained. There is only a layer of graphite foam, which effectively protects the inner foam structure. Its anti-flame penetration is very strong.


E. Thermal insulation: the thermal conductivity of silicon foam sandwich panel is only 0.022-0.040w (MK) when it is mixed with polystyrene particles in a uniform and fine closed cell structure, and its thermal insulation performance can be equivalent to that of polyurethane and extrusion.

F. Wide range of application: the strength of the silicon foam sandwich panel is not obviously affected by the temperature, and there is no cold shrinkage and cold embrittlement at low temperature - 196 ℃.  Its mechanical is basically unchanged under long term use in the temperature range of - 196 ℃  to -130 ℃.


2、 Advantages of silicon foam sandwich panel


A, good insulation and energy saving effect:

 Fire rated polystyrene foam continues the advantages of small thermal conductivity and large heat storage coefficient of the traditional EPS foam panel, which is better than the inorganic thermal insulation mortar and foam glass on the market.

B, safety and fire-prevention: A-class non flamable material, silicon carbide sandwich panel overcomes the flammability of traditional EPS foam, and has very high safety performance.


C, The strength of silicon sandwich panel is higher than that of rock wool and phenolic board, it is not water absorbing, falling off and easy to construct.


D, Superior system performance: The silicon insulated sandwich panel is a closed and foaming spherical molecular structure, with relatively light weight, good dimensional stability and non-toxic. After the weather resistance test of the system, i.e. 80 times of high-temperature water spraying cycle and 30 times of heating and freezing cycle, there is no blistering, no hollowing and no falling off for the facing layer, no water seepage cracks, impact resistant tiles up to 10J, impact resistant coatings up to 10J, silica foam sandwich panel is with a  excellent performance. 


E, Mature process: the construction process of the silicon insulation panel is the same as that of the traditional EPS foam sandwich panel system. The construction process is mature, which is convenient for workers to construct, safe and reliable, and there will be no unstable defects of other new material system.


F, superior price performance: A-grade polystyrene foam preserves the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation effect and mature technology of the traditional EPS foam sandwich panel. Meanwhile, its cost is low and far lower than that of the class A flame-retardant thermal insulation material on the market, but obtains the effect of class A flame retardancy, which has superior price performance ratio and wide market prospect.

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