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Container House

Packing and Loading

steel components/wall/roof/window/door


Floor Plan


container house specification

  1. Knock down loading: house components will be put into shipping container in bulk, to save average transportation cost, house will be erected on project site.

  2. Window and door will be protected from scratch by foam and plastic.

  3. Hardware for each house will be put into a package, which is easy to sort out.

  4. Each component will stick a label, label code will keep same as the material list and installation drawing, which will be easy for material sort out and installation.

  5. Material unloading guide and materials storage guide will be provided after shipment.


  1. Light weight, it can be put onto a truck and move to different project site.

  2. All by bolt connection, easy for assemble.

  3. It can be disassembled and reassemble again, reused for several times.

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