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How is the air tightness of insulated sandwich panel?

Insulated wall panel connection is without any screws on the panel surface, it is beautiful and smooth for building wall, extremely its high bending capacity, excellent mechanical properties of the wall panel, reducing the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.


What is rock wool sandwich panel?

Rock wool sandwich panel is made of rock wool as raw material. Rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool core material, and has significant effect on fire prevention, heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.


What is Silicon Insulated Sandwich Panel?

Silicon insulated sandwich panel is a new method to improve foam properties based on changing the polymer matrix structure on polystyrene foam.


What is Magnesium sandwich panel and what is the advantage?

 The material of the hollow magnesium sandwich panel belongs to inorganic raw materials, which is a fire-retardant product composed of magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide, glass fiber cloth and water. It has excellent physical and chemical properties.


What is pre-coated metal sheet for skin of insulated

sandwich panel?

The color steel sandwich panel not only has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials, but also has the good decorative and corrosion resistance of coating materials.


What are the advantages of insulated sandwich panel?

The insulated sandwich panel house has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation and insulation, beautiful and economic use, etc.


What is Polyurethane Sandwich Panel?

Anti-leakage sandwich roof, polyurethane rigid foam insulation panel, polyurethane composite board and Pu panel are popular terms for polyurethane sandwich panel.


What is the best insulation and energy saving material?

In fact, the advantages of polyurethane thermal insulation material for exterior wall are not only good thermal insulation performance, polyurethane material has multiple advantages, not only low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, but also strong self adhesion, moisture-proof, waterproof, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to dissolve and other characteristics. At the same time, it has the advantages of light volume weight and high cutting accuracy.


The center is aluminum hexagonal honeycomb with small density (about 3-7kg / m2), which is 1 / 5 of the weight of wood plate with the same thickness and area, 1 / 6 of glass and 1 / 7 of aluminum material, which greatly reduces the building load and cost.


What is characteristic of rock wool sandwich panel?

The insulated rock wool sandwich panel core material is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials, which are fused into fibers at high temperature, added with a certain amount of binder and solidified. It is a new type of fireproof board with the strongest fire resistance in the same kind (sandwich panel series).


What is Paper Honeycomb Sandwich Panel?

Paper honeycomb sandwich panel is a real green environmental protection product, 100% of the waste recycling. The products have been inspected by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center to meet the requirements of fire-resistant materials


What is EPS foam sandwich panel?

The foam sandwich panels riotous with color coated steel sheets (color steel sheets), closed hole self-extinguishing polystyrene foam as core material, and colored steel plates after pressing and then bonded with high strength adhesive to form light building boards.


How much is the rock wool sandwich panel?

Rock wool sandwich board is widely used in steel structure workshop, simple movable roof, wall, ceiling and partition of air clean room. Regarding the rock wool sandwich panel price, it will depend on the steel sheet thickness and rock wool density.


Is polyurethane sandwich panel suitable for cold room?

Generally speaking, polyurethane sandwich panel can be applied to almost all kinds of different building needs, including industrial plants, public buildings, composite houses, purification engineering and other construction fields. Polyurethane sandwich panel is the best heat insulation compared to other types of sandwich panel, it is the suitable materials for cool room and cold room.


What is fire resistant foam Sandwich Panel?

The new type of thermal insulation material PROPOR A class fire-proof insulation board is based on particle fire-proof isolation film technology, using copolymerization modification to make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as fire-proof materials.


What is the best insulation material?- PU roofing and

external wall panel

Polyurethane is the best thermal insulation and energy-saving material at present, and each performance index is superior to the traditional XPS and EPS foam external thermal insulation system.

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