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What is Magnesium sandwich panel ?

MAY. 25, 2020

 The material of the hollow magnesium sandwich panel belongs to inorganic raw materials, which is a fire-retardant product composed of magnesium sulfate, magnesium oxide, glass fiber cloth and water. It has excellent physical and chemical properties. Light weight, high strength, fire protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no radioactive pollution, fire performance reaches gb8624a, high temperature resistance 1200 degrees, and non-combustion. Magnesium sandwich panel also has good toughness, no fracture, no separation layer, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation and other properties, no deformation. It is widely used in interior decoration and manufacturing various fire doors, fire-proof furniture and building partitions.

One of the characteristics of magnesium sandwich panel : no halogen return

Magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate are used as the main materials to completely eliminate the corrosion of color steel plates and aluminum alloy profiles caused by chloride ion penetration caused by environmental impact. Scientific formula completely solves the problem of absorbing moisture and returning brine of magnesite. The magnesium insulated panel is solid, durable, aging resistant and has long service life.


Second characteristics of magnesium sandwich panel : anti shrinkage

The magnesium insulation sandwich panel with flame-retardant polystyrene particles has the characteristics of anti-shrinkage, which can greatly alleviate the shrinkage problem of glass magnesium panel in the low humidity and dry environment.


Third characteristics of magnesium sandwich panel: strong fire resistance

Glass magnesium purification sandwich panel has more fire performance, can meet the national fire detection standards, and is the first choice of purification products in the market at present.

This kind of sandwich panel is Economical and practical: excellent processing and installation performance, superior toughness, not easy to fracture, free use of self -tapping nails, gun nails and straight nails for light and handy installation.

This kind of sandwich panel is Sound insulation: superior sound insulation performance of glass magnesium plate ensures quiet and elegant living environment. Its unique uniform pore structure is incomparable to other dense structure of glass magnesium panel.

This kind of sandwich panel is Insect and mildew prevention: inorganic mineral powder materials constitute the functions of glass magnesium plate to prevent mold, bacteria, insects and termites, which meet the standards of building materials in Europe and America.

The application of magnesium sandwich panel is very wide, especially in the field of building decoration partition and ceiling materials. It is fully suitable for heat insulation structure, sound insulation wall, damp area, movable partition, super fire protection, plywood inside fire door, external packaging of equipment box and other areas.

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