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Your reliable sandwich panel manufacturer in China

Our sandwich panel strength:​

  • 25 years experience on sandwich panel manufacturing

  • ISO9001:2015 certified

  • Strict Quality Control

  • ​Sufficent Capacity and fast delivery

  • Professional and experienced team                    

  • Sandwich panel test report, patent and certificate available

  • Welcomed by global clients, satisfaction rate > 98%

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Popular Sandwich Panel

3.1 rock-wool-wall-sandwich-panel.jpg

rockwool panel

Rockwool sandwich panel is the best sound proof insulation and fire proof materials also.



4.1 PU-Wall-Sandwich-Panel.jpg

pu panel

pu panel is the best thermal insulation materials and strong, it is specially used for cold room.



5.1 EPS-wall-sandwich-panel.jpg

eps panel

eps panel is light weight, low cost and fire retandant. largely used for temporay builidings.



6.2 Aluminum-Honeycomb-Panel-2.jpg

aluminum honeycomb panel

honeycomb structure ensure its resistance to pressure, sound, fire, and earthquake.



7.1- Cellular-Insulated-Sandwich-Panel.j

paper honeycomb panel

this sandwich panel is light weight but fire proof with good bearing capacity.



2.1 clean room magnesium sandwich panel

MGO sandwich panel

MGO panel is an environmental friendly material with good fire proof performance.




silica sandwich panel

silica panel is an improvement materials based on eps panel foam with fire proof feature.




Propor sandwich panel

this sandwich panel is light weight but can reach class A fire proof performance.



1.1 clean room handmade sandwich panel 1

cleanroom panel

This is handmade sandwich panel for clean room, insulation core can be eps/pu/rockwool/mgo etc



New Sandwich Panel



This new sandwich panel is especially used for operating room walls which has the higher requirement on clean environment, which is easy for installation and various colors available, its development is to replace the traditional wall panels for operating room.

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This new sandwich panel is developed to make up the shortage of decorative requirements of standard sandwich panel as the wall panels for clean room projects. It is a modular clean room concept and easy for installation, which it is especially applied for hospital wall.

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What is Sandwich Panel ?

Sandwich panel basically made of a “core” insulation material, sandwiched in between Galvanized/Pre-painted steel sheets/aluminum sheet/stainless steel.

Sandwich panel is widely used in the construction industry because of its quick, easy, economical and strong replacement for conventional construction material such as container house, prefabricated house, warehouse etc.

Sandwich panel is also widely used in clean room project such as industry in semiconductor, medicine, food, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals, lab, microelectronic, aerospace etc.

Huaao is a sandwich panel manufacturer with 25 years experience offering a wide range of products to clients as per the requirements based on differet applications.

What types of sandwich panel include ?

Two types:

  1. Handmade Sandwich panel

  2. Machine-made Sandwich panel 

Optional insulation materials for sandwich panel

Difference between machined type and handmade type sandwich panel

Machined type sandwich panel is a continuous insulated panel, it is manufactured by sandwich panel production line, which has the advantage of fast delivery. Lower cost is the most obvious advantage compared with handmade type cleanroom panel, it is mostly used for the external wall and internal wall of temporary construction projects, like labor accommodation, site office, prefabricated house project and container house project, it can be used for clean room projects also.

Handmade sandwich panel is mostly manufactured for clean room projects which has higher requirement on sound-proof, fire-proof, Acid and alkali resistant, Corrosion resistance, dust-proof also the ability to Antibacterial and Antistatic etc. It is higher cost than machined type sandwich panel but stronger and with better overall project effect.

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Machined type sandwich panel:

Fixed width: 1150mm/950mm, you can cut the sandwich panel into the right size for installation based on your project need.

Length be in accordance with project need but limit to shipping container constraint.

sandwich panel installation:

Handmade type sandwich panel:

Feasible width: 200~1180mm, it can be exact right size for installation, which will save construction time and labor cost.

Length be in accordance with project need but limit to shipping container constraint.

Sandwich panel installation:


Based on above, you will be able to choose the proper type of sandwich panel for your project, if you need the sandwich panel price to compare, feel free to contact us!

        EPS panel
    PU panel
   Rockwool panel
MGO panel
Aluminum honeycomb panel
honeycomb panel
Silica panel
fire proof foam
fire proof foam
cleanroom panel
cleanroom panel

Sandwich Panel Packing and Loading


sandwich panel label system

each pc of sandwich panel will have a label, different area or floors of the project can use different colors' label to separate the insulated panels.


sandwich panel packed in a pallet

Sandwich panel can be packed in a wooden pallet covered by water-proof film, you will get a detail packing list of each sandwich panel size and quantity in each package.


sandwich panel container loading

The sandwich panel can be loaded into container in bulk, it will have the foam to protect the insulated panels from scratch when loading the container.


sandwich panel shipped in pallet

The sandwich panel can be packed in a pallet then put the whole pallet into shipping container directly, which will be easy for your unloading.


Commonly Asked Questions 

What is your monthly production capacity for sandwich panel?

A: the manufacturing capacity for sandwich panel is 400,000/m2 per month

​How many days for the lead time of your sandwich panel?

A: normally within 10 days after receipt of advance payment​

How to choose the proper insulation material?

A: A full list comparison of performance and price of each kind of sandwich panel will be sent if you need, please kindly send us an email for the detail.

What colors of your sandwich panel are available?

A: standard color is white and blue, color can be customized as your project’s requirement, you can see our sandwich panel projects with different colors. ​

Which countries your sandwich panel been shipped to?

A: we have exported to totally more than 50 countries in the world for our insulated sandwich panels.

Can I be an agent for your sandwich panel?

A: Yes, agent is welcomed in your potential market, kindly contact us to discuss more.


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