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 Clean Room 

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What is clean room? What are the major systems of clean room?

Clean room is a kind of engineering department which can eliminate the pollutants such as particles, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain space, and control the indoor temperature, cleanliness, pressure, air velocity and air distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain demand range.


Why do manufacturing enterprises do dust-free clean room workshop?

At present, the enterprises that need to do dust-free workshop include: biopharmaceutical, precision manufacturing, medicine and health, electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, aerospace, automobile spraying and many other industries.


What details should be paid attention to in the construction of dust-free clean room workshop?

In the construction process of dust-free clean room workshop project, if the operation is improper, it will leave hidden dangers to the dust-free clean room workshop project, because we must pay attention to the following points:


What are the decoration requirements for the class 100,000 dust-free clean room?

For the building enclosure and interior decoration of 100,000 class dust-free clean room, materials with good air tightness and small deformation under the effect of temperature and humidity change shall be selected.


What is the Technical Concept for a dust-free clean room?

With the continuous rise of modern industry, its scientific comprehensiveness is also constantly strengthened. Clean room technology has been more and more widely used, and even can meet the perfection of clean technology.


How to prevent clean room pollution?

How to use clean room reasonably and prevent mistakes, pollution and cross pollution is one of the cores of GMP.

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