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Clean Room Technology

What is the Technical Concept for a dust-free clean room?

With the continuous rise of modern industry, its scientific comprehensiveness is also constantly strengthened. Clean room technology has been more and more widely used, and even can meet the perfection of clean technology.


At present, Clean room technology will be widely applied to a lot of electronic production plants. However, the emergence of the concept of clean room technology in the early days is as follows:


In the process of the production of electronic products, in order to protect the products from people, objects, environment or some viruses. After all, in history, the cost of life is often chilling, so after the use of purification clean room projects, cross infection can be avoided.


In the workshop, the product determines the environment. The foundation of modern industry is the clean technology of purification engineering. Only when the clean room technology meets the requirements of production environment, can it serve many industries.


Moreover, the purpose of clean room purification project is biological isolation. It can protect the staff from being harmed and harmed by some toxic substances.


Secondly, people have always been a big source of pollution in the production workshop, because the human skin carries 1 million microorganisms / cm, and people produce 6-12g epidermal cells on average every day. If a smoker needs to enter the clean room of the purification project 20 minutes after smoking, and the concept of this technology is nothing more than to reject the bacterial pollution source carried by the human body.

clean room technology
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