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 The core material is made of inorganic calcium carbonate, polyphenyl particles, curing agent and additives, and double-sided composite galvanized color steel plate. The EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics of fire-retardant materials by using particle fire-retardant isolation membrane technology and copolymerization modification, and the micro-phase composite technology is used to form a fire-retardant isolation membrane on the surface of each organic particle, so that each particle can form a relatively independent organic particle fire-retardant unit. The honeycomb structure is formed when the flame is in contact with the thermal barrier, which prevents the flame from spreading and penetrating and prevents the combustion from occurring.

The new type of thermal insulation material PROPOR A class fire-proof insulation panel is based on particle fire-proof isolation film technology, using copolymerization modification to make EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as fire-proof materials, and using micro-phase composite technology to form fire-proof isolation film on the surface of each organic particle, so that each particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fire-proof unit. A continuous honeycomb-like structure is formed to block the flame from spreading and penetrating and to prevent the combustion from occurring. PROPOR Class A fire-proof foam sandwich panel can be combined with the actual situation of construction according to the design characteristics and functional requirements of the project, and has strong operability.




  • Regular thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

  • Regular width: 1150mm

  • Regular length:  depends on projects’ demand and the container limit 

  • Upper and lower steel plates: thickness of 0.4-0.6 mm, types of color steel plate, galvanized/hot-dipped steel plate, stainless steel plate

  • Density: 25kg/m3

  • Installation structure : “male” and “female” connection type



Price term: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF

Payment term: T/T, L/C

Production time : within 15 days after order confirmed.

Order quantity: MOQ 300 SQM

Container Loading: rough 1000 SQM/40HQ

Packing way : bulk pack, standard wooden pallet, wooden case or as request



1. Light weight: Its weight is only 2-3Kg/m2. This weight can be neglected for walls, especially for energy-saving renovation of buildings.

2. Effective usage area: the wall is greatly thinned, which improves the area utilization ratio of the house  

3. No thermal bridge: External thermal insulation system can wrap any exposed wall of the building, and can make almost no thermal bridge. 

4. Simple construction: It has good workability, easy operation and low wastage.


5. High performance-price ratio: Compared with inorganic thermal insulation materials, the price is lower. Because the Propor foam sandwich panel is relatively thin, it does not need additional reinforcement anchorage, and does not need to do insulation inside and outside the wall at the same time, environmental protection products, construction costs are low.
6. The system is mature: the construction technology is the same as that of polyphenyl board, which saves cost without adding additional construction links.
7. Easy maintenance: Easy tools can be used to cut and repair the existing EPS insulation layer, which has no effect on the service life and efficiency of the sheet.



The fire proof foam sandwich panels are widely used in large industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, cold storage, movable rooms, building adding floors, clean workshops and places where thermal insulation and fire prevention are needed. The old foam sandwich panels can be made of different bulk density and thickness according to different needs. According to the design features and functional requirements of the project, they can be combined with the actual construction conditions and have strong operability.

sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel includes roofing sheet, wall panel and ceiling panel.

Standard color is off-white and light blue, it can be customized based on certain quantity.

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Cleanroom Door

Cleanroom door is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Color is customized

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Cleanroom Window

Cleanroom Window is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Size is customized 

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clean room accessories

Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom Accessories is the aluminum profiles to cover and decorate the edges, which

makes the whole room beautiful and dust proof

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