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Silicon color steel sandwich panel is a new method to improve foam properties based on changing the polymer matrix structure.

Silica fire proof sandwich panel performance

  • Heat resistance: Silica color steel sandwich panel can endure high temperature of 250-300 C for a long time and 400-500 C for fire. Silica color steel sandwich panel is the most stable and one of the most stable varieties in polymer.

  • Flame retardant: good flame retardancy, heat resistance, no smoke, no harmful gases.

  • Low toxicity and low smoke: There are only hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms in the silica core. When decomposed at high temperature, only products composed of carbon and oxygen can be produced, and there is no other toxic gas except a small amount of carbon monoxide.

  • Anti-flame penetration: Under the direct action of flame, silica sandwich panel has the characteristics of carbon deposition, no falling objects, no curling and no melting. After flame burning, the foam is basically retained. It is only a layer of graphite foam on the row, which effectively protects the inner foam structure. Its flame penetration is very strong.

  • Insulation: Silica insulated panel has uniform and fine closed-cell structure and thermal conductivity of 0.022-0.040w (mk) after mixing with polyphenyl particles. Its thermal insulation performance is similar to that of polyurethane and extrusion.

  • Wide range of application: The strength of silica fire proof sandwich panel is not obviously affected by temperature, and there is no cold shrinkage and brittleness at low temperature - 196 ~C. The temperature of gas machinery is basically unchanged.  Long-term use in - 196℃~130℃ range.




  • Regular thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

  • Regular width: 1150mm

  • Regular length:  depends on projects’ demand and the container limit 

  • Upper and lower steel plates: thickness of 0.4-0.6 mm, types of color steel plate, galvanized/hot-dipped steel plate, stainless steel plate

  • Density: 60kg/m3

  • Installation structure: "male" and "female" connection type



Price term: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF

Payment term: T/T, L/C

Production time : within 15 days after order confirmed.

Order quantity: MOQ 300 SQM

Container Loading: rough 1000 SQM/40HQ

Packing way : bulk pack, standard wooden pallet, wooden case or as request



  • Good thermal insulation and energy saving effect

  • A grade fire proof material

  • Not absorbent, not falling off, easy to construct

  • Superior performance: light weight but good dimensional stability and non-toxicity. After weathering test of 80 cycles of high temperature water spraying and 30 cycles of heating-freezing, there are no foaming, hollowing and falling phenomenon of the decorative layer, no seepage cracks, impact resistance tiles up to 10 J

  • Cost-effective: Low cost with excellent performance of low thermal conductivity and good heat preservation effect and A grade fire proof effect.

sandwich panel

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panel includes roofing sheet, wall panel and ceiling panel.

Standard color is off-white and light blue, it can be customized based on certain quantity.

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Cleanroom Door

Cleanroom door is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Color is customized

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Cleanroom Window

Cleanroom Window is fully flush with wall panel, which makes the whole wall flat and neat.

Size is customized 

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clean room accessories

Cleanroom Accessories

Cleanroom Accessories is the aluminum profiles to cover and decorate the edges, which

makes the whole room beautiful and dust proof

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