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Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Price

MAY. 17, 2020

Rock wool sandwich panel is made of rock wool.

Rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique performance of rock wool sandwich material, which has significant effect on fire prevention, heat preservation and insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.


Material application:


1. Thickness of upper / lower steel plate: 0326-0.6 color steel plate / electric, hot-dip new plate / stainless steel:


2. Core material: (ore) rock wool volume weight is 120-150kg / M3;


3. Side sealing steel strip or non side sealing steel strip: 0.4mm ~ 1.0mm galvanized plate.


Product specification:


Effective width of tongue and groove type: 1150mm; 50mm ~ 200mm; unlimited length.


2. Protection form of board surface: Compound PVC protective film.


Product features:


1. Advantages: good fire resistance and sound insulation;


2. Fire rating: Class A


Application area:


Rock wool sandwich board is widely used in steel structure workshop, simple movable roof, wall, ceiling and partition of air clean room.


Regarding the rock wool sandwich panel price, it will depend on the steel sheet thickness and rock wool density.

Contact us for a accurate quoation.

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