What is EPS foam sandwich panel?

MAY. 18, 2020

The foam sandwich panels riotous with color coated steel sheets (color steel sheets), closed hole self-extinguishing polystyrene foam as core material, and colored steel plates after pressing and then bonded with high strength adhesive to form light building boards. The foam sandwich panel has the characteristics of light weight (1/20 to 1/30 weight of the concrete roof weight), heat preservation and heat insulation, and fast construction speed (no wet operation and no two times decoration). It is a new type of envelope material with load bearing, thermal insulation, waterproof and decoration.


Product parameters:


Core material thickness: 50mm ~ 250mm


Color plate thickness: 0.2mm ~ 1.0mm


Effective width: 1000mm, 1200mm


Foam sandwich panels:


1. Analysis of scientific data shows that the heat resistance of foam sandwich panels is equivalent to the thickness of 75CM brick walls.


2, foam sandwich panels sound insulation effect and heat insulation effect are remarkable.


3, foam sandwich panel material can achieve B2 class fire rating. Under the direct action of flame, carbon is formed, no crimp, no drop and no melting phenomenon. After flame burning, a layer of "graphite foam" will form on the surface, effectively protecting the foam structure in the layer.


4, the foam sandwich panels use steel structure to seal the edges, which enhances the strength of the plate itself, and it can independently support the length of 5 meters.


5. Foam sandwich panels have a wide range of uses, and have good thermal insulation effects in building works and factory building panels with thermal insulation requirements.


6, foam sandwich panels have strong corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties. They almost resist all inorganic acids, organic solvents and organic acids. Even if long-term exposure to sunlight, there is no obvious aging phenomenon, so it has better aging resistance.


7, foam sandwich panels have good sound absorption properties, while open cell foam structure is more conducive to sound absorption.


8, foam sandwich panels adopt fluorine free foaming technology, no fiber, and meet the requirements of national and international environmental protection.


Application of foam sandwich panels:


It has a wide range of uses, especially for temporary facilities such as offices, warehouses, walls, large workshops, logistics centers, exhibition halls, movable houses, etc. the foam sandwich panels are beautiful in appearance, bright in color and good in overall effect. It integrates load bearing, insulation and waterproofing, and does not require two decoration. It also reflects the civilized construction of modern construction sites, especially fast. In the aspect of quick installation and putting into use, it has obvious advantages in loading and unloading, turnover and reuse index of materials, greatly reducing the cost of temporary facilities on the construction site, and will be an indispensable new light building material.