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On the finished product of rock wool insulation, it is made by multiple processing of basalt, which has different uses of rock wool slab, rock wool tube and shell and other products. In the scope of application, mostly as temporary buildings, industrial equipment, ships and other applications, which makes the quality requirements of rock wool panel is very high.  So how do we judge the quality of rock wool insulation? Here we can teach you to judge from the slag content of rock wool insulation.

When choosing rock wool insulation, the first thing is to look at the slag content of rock wool insulation with the naked eye. There are not many slag in high quality rock wool board. The appearance quality of rock wool insulation is smooth, there is no stain and damage, and the distribution of rubber content is very uniform, there will be no rubber block. If you touch it with your hand, you will feel its cotton filament is very fine. Another point is to see if its color is the same. If there are different white and yellow, it will be inferior products.



Dec.23th, 2018

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