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Clean Room Product

How to design a clean room in a proper budget?

Since it is necessary to build a clean room project, it must still be tailored. We need to take a look at the overall situation of the factory and consider the requirements of different industries for the clean room. Now, the requirements of such projects are very high, so it is necessary to do a good job in the recognition of practicality. And the planning of this kind of project cannot be ignored. If the planning can be done well, the subsequent construction will be twice the result with half the effort. So how can design ensure good practicability?


  • Determine construction clean requirements


In order to ensure the effect of the clean project, we need to recognize the process requirements and the cleanliness level of the purification workshop in advance, and we also need to select the appropriate air flow form. And the purification methods selected by different workshops are different in the whole room and in some parts, so it is necessary to do a good job in the measurement work, and also consider the cost saving situation. As far as possible, first consider the actual needs, and then carry out all the settings of the project, so that we can really see the good application effect.


  • Select materials according to budget


The construction and planning of the clean room project directly affect the subsequent budget, so we must still select different types of data, so that we can see better use effect. We still need to do a good job in measuring the budget situation. We can also determine the budget first, and then select the follow-up engineering materials. And also, to communicate with the design company, in fact, many high-quality materials can be replaced by appropriate materials, so as to save costs and guarantee.

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