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Polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof panel 

Construction points and precautions of polyurethane roof panel and wall panel

1.1. Before the construction of the project, a special construction organization design scheme shall be prepared and submitted to the technical department of the general contractor for approval; the construction of polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof panel shall be included in the overall construction organization design of the construction project. The special construction organization design scheme generally includes the following contents:


(1) Project overview, technical quality objectives of thermal insulation;


(2) Polyurethane sandwich panel wall, roof  panel insulation engineering plan, node structure details;


(3) Main material plan;


(4) Construction schedule and employment plan;


(5) Quality assurance measures of polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof insulation technology;


(6) Safety and civilized construction measures;


(7) Acceptance procedures for polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof insulation works.


(8) The parts not mentioned shall comply with the relevant specifications and regulations of the project location and the requirements of the bidding documents.


1.2. The pre-construction drawings of the project shall be jointly reviewed, and the on-site construction workers shall be provided with written technical disclosure; the construction workers shall be assessed before taking the post, so as to work with certificates.


1.3. Before construction, the door and window openings shall be inspected, and the size and position of the openings shall meet the design requirements and quality requirements. The fire ladders, downpipes, all kinds of indoor pipelines and embedded parts of air conditioners that extend out of the wall shall be installed, and gaps shall be reserved according to the thickness of the enclosure insulation system. The supporting components shall be inspected and the receiving records shall be made.


1.4. After the raw materials of polyurethane rigid foam wall and roof insulation system enter the construction site, they shall enter the site for acceptance under the supervision of the supervision of the supervising engineer, and shall be sampled and rechecked according to the regulations; all kinds of raw materials shall be stored in categories, rain proof, sun proof and fire-proof, and shall not be stored in the open air. All kinds of operation machines and tools are complete and qualified, safe and reliable after inspection; all kinds of measuring tools have been verified.


1.5. Construction is not allowed in windy weather or rainy or snowy days.


1.6. The main construction materials (metal faced rigid polyurethane sandwich panel, purlin wall frame, etc.) shall be well protected and anti-corrosion treated during transportation, stacking and installation.

(refer to relevant standards for purlin, wall frame processing and anti-corrosion requirements)


1.7. For the project that the wall only adopts the assembled polyurethane rigid foam metal surface sandwich panel, the safety protection shall be considered and the guardrail shall be added.


1.8. The thickness of polyurethane rigid foam metal surface sandwich panel shall be determined by calculation or test according to the drawing design and heat preservation requirements. The length of the panel shall not be greater than 16.0m, and the width shall be 1.0m.


1.9. The purlin wall frame, embedded parts of purlin wall frame, screws and supporting parts of sandwich panel shall be provided with anti-corrosion treatment, and the hot zinc material shall be used preferentially, and coarse screw nails shall be used for screws.


1.10. When the wall sandwich panel is vertical, the installation sequence direction shall be determined according to the dominant wind direction of the project location. When the panel is vertically overlapped, it shall be made into a groove, and the overlapping length shall meet the design requirements and relevant regulations.


1.11. When sandwich panel is used as the roof, the installation sequence shall be determined according to the dominant wind direction of the project location. When the panel is overlapped along the length direction, a wave peak shall be buckled. The type of bite bracket plate shall be pre glued. When overlapped along the span direction, there shall be two waterproof tapes, and the lap length shall meet the design requirements and relevant regulations.


2.1 process flow

  • Construction preparation

  • Installation of wall frame column beam

  • Steel structure installation inspection and acceptance

  • Metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich board mobilization

  • Install the water baffle at the bottom of the plate

  • Plate bracket installation

  • Installation of rigid polyurethane sandwich panel with metal surface

  • Installation of edge plate

  • Supporting installation of aluminum alloy window


2.1.1 organize relevant technical and construction personnel to study and be familiar with drawings, relevant construction specifications and standards, quality acceptance standards, so as to determine process flow, building specifications and corresponding quality, safety and technical measures.


2.1.2 according to the confirmed technical parameters of the board type, draw the layout of the polyurethane sandwich panel on the metal surface, determine the processing length and quantity of the board according to the confirmed layout, and provide the material number and purchase list.


2.1.3 according to relevant requirements and contents of design documents, construction organization design and layout of metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich panel, prepare construction operation instructions and relevant safety and technical disclosure documents of wall composite board, distribute them to relevant sections and individuals according to the scope of responsibility and construction content, and conduct strict technical disclosure.


2.1.4 before the construction of metal faced rigid polyurethane sandwich panel, relevant steel structure installation, welding, high-strength bolt, paint and other works shall be inspected and accepted in time.


2.1.5 on the basis of the design drawing, the layout of the rigid polyurethane sandwich board with metal surface has been designed.


2.1.6 safety measures required by construction organization design have been implemented.


2.1.7 according to the axis, the metal surface hard polyurethane sandwich panels required by the room have been stacked in accordance with the installation sequence.


2.1.8 check the perpendicularity and flatness of the construction face and submit the acceptance record.


2.2 key points of construction operation


2.2.1 before installing the wall pu panel, check whether the perpendicularity and levelness of the wall purlin installation meet the requirements, and whether the perpendicularity of the wall frame column meets the requirements.


2.2.2 before installing the wall panel, the water baffle at the bottom of the panel and the water baffle at the bottom of the window shall be installed. The connection between the water baffle shall be welded, and the anti-corrosion coating shall be applied after welding. The connection between the water baffle and the column beam of the wall frame shall be fixed with coarse thread self-tapping screws.


2.2.3 the connection between the metal surface rigid polyurethane sandwich panel and the wall frame column beam shall be fixed with coarse thread self-tapping screws at each place.


2.2.4 for each installation of two wall panels, measure whether the elevation meets the requirements and ensure the levelness of the same wall panel.


2.2.5 the wall edge closing board shall be laid against the dominant wind direction. Waterproof sealing materials must be set between flashing boards, between corner boards and the overlapping parts between flashing boards, corner boards and profiled steel plates according to the requirements. For the overlapping of flashing boards and ridge boards, flashing boards must be installed before ridge boards.

2.3 safety assurance measures


2.3.1 before the construction of polyurethane sandwich panel on metal surface, the safety technical disclosure shall be made according to the requirements of sound safety production management, and the safety production responsibility system shall be implemented layer by layer.


2.3.2 regularly and irregularly carry out safety inspection, regularly carry out safety education activities, and use all employees to improve their self-protection ability.


2.3.3 the on-site power consumption must be in strict accordance with gb50194-93 JGJ46-88 and other regulations. The construction power connection port shall be provided with rainproof and leakage proof protection measures to prevent high-altitude electric shock of construction personnel.


2.3.4 safety helmet must be worn when entering the construction site, safety belt must be fastened and antiskid shoes must be worn when working at heights.


2.3.5 do a good job in the safety protection of high-altitude construction. Workers must hang their safety belt on the safety rope during construction to prevent falling from high altitude. Personnel suffering from diseases not suitable for high-altitude operation shall not be arranged for high-altitude operation.


2.3.6 it shall comply with the relevant provisions of the national construction specifications and the relevant provisions of the project location.

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